Google loves to change things up all the time

Why? because it’s healthy to tweak things until it’s good.



The most recent-ish changes google has done to Google+ or Google plus as it’s pronounced has done some UI changes to their apps and layout along with adding some functionality back in Nov 2015. They have recently just added some more. It’s currently in beta but they’re doing some public testing now at the time of writing this blog post. They are rolling out a new layout and possibly some more features but I just haven’t found them yet.

Google Analytics

Well this particular part of google is probably the most important to keep track of if you’re a web dev guy. Over the past years google is constantly changing the rules to their algorithms This started at 2000 and is still going. Rules change mostly to help people have a better search and web experience. If you want to take a deeper look at all the changes they’ve done over the years here’s a decent list from At the time of writing this, the new most important update they’re doing is called RankBrain, I will do a post about it in the semi-near future.


Youtube has recently rolled out a new feature called Youtube Red. A service where you pay for a premium service. Which is basically a way for the user to not see ads anymore. Coincidentally I have noticed an increase on how many ads I’m being exposed to on youtube. Think they are related? *shrugs* On top of having no ads while looking at youtube ads, you get access to exclusive content made available to certain youtubers who are participating. The initial roll out has created some backlash. From a marketing point of view, making your users pay for something that they haven’t had to do for years, expect backlash.

A couple of years ago, they tried to do a subscription service for music, which I had no idea they have done, but in all fairness the service is not available in Canada. According to an article I saw over at reelSEO they mentioned that Youtube is changing 33% a year. If you want to see the details of the article go here.


Google gmail has multiple apps within it, one of which is called calendar. Google has recently released a new feature in the calendar called goals. You can set goals like to to remind you at incremental/repeatable times. Here’s a video on it!

Anywho here’s a short list of some changes google has done to their products in the past few years. Do you have any changes that you’d like to share with us?

Author: James Reed

James is a marketer, designer both online and off, and a frontend developer. Mostly in the world of WordPress. Have been using WordPress for the past 8 years and have been in this field for 16yrs. He loves it and enjoys the ever changing landscape. He also hates writing in the third person.